Guoqing (Noah) Chang accepts full professor position

20 December, 2017

Ultrafast Laser Optics and Coherent Microscopy group at CFEL led by Noah Chang (second from right).

Noah Chang has joined CFEL’s Ultrafast Optics and X-rays Division led by Franz Kärtner in 2012. Jointly funded by the Helmholtz Association, DESY, and University of Hamburg he has set up a Helmholtz Young Investigators Group with a focus on Ultrafast Laser Optics and Coherent Microscopy. He was granted tenure by DESY in December 2016. Recently he accepted an offer for a full professor position from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science. Starting from January 2018, he will move to Beijing and work in the Ultrafast Laser Technology division leading the research activities on ultrafast fiber lasers and laser frequency combs. “CFEL and DESY is a fantastic place and plays an irreplaceable role in my career” emphasizes Noah. “I really enjoyed these years of working experience with so many amazing colleagues and collaborators from both CFEL and DESY on the International Science Campus Hamburg Bahrenfeld.”