Exchange program between DESY/Center for Free-Electron Laser Science and University of Navarra (TECNUN)

The Center for Free-Electron Laser Science intends to host students of TECNUN to carry out their thesis projects after completion of studies. The work that students will perform at CFEL is associated with their degree and will be accepted by TECNUN as the mandatory final thesis required to fulfil the academic requirements and to complete the degree.

The program is intended for students obtaining the following degrees:
- Bachelor in Telecommunications Systems Engineering or
- Master in Telecommunications Engineering

The internships are, in principle, four (4) to six (6) months in length.

We offer the opportunity of carrying out research for two (2) students per year.

Generally, exchange students from TECNUN are personally responsible for any and all expenses in connection with the internship, including required health insurance as well as living and travelling expenses.

Interested students should apply to "International Relations Service" at TECNUN.