Ultrafast Optics and X-Rays Division

Ultrafast Optics and X-rays Group at CFEL

We welcome you to our UFOX-Group Website. Here you can learn more about our research activities to push the boundaries of current ultrafast laser technology and the development of novel X-ray sources. We focus on light sources ranging from Terahertz to X-rays and their control down to attosecond precision. With the high level of control that laser sources offer, we also advance electron-based sources. We work on sources as small a a microchip as well as with sources, like the novel X-ray free-electron lasers, that can be as big as an airport. All these advances enable new techniques to understand the structure and the dynamics of matter down to their natural timescale.

Meet our Teams

The Group is led by Prof. Franz X. Kärtner and is based in the CFEL building as well as many labs across the DESY campus. Our multidisciplinary research is pursuit by several Research Teams with individual Subgroup Leaders.

We are constantly looking for excellent Bachelor, Master and PhD-students, as well as Postdoctoral Associates.

News and Announcements

Tailoring the shortest flashes of light

17 November 2021

Custom-tailored ultra-short flashes will enable transition-specific experiments

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Table-top electron camera catches ultrafast dynamics of matter

13 August 2021

DESY team demonstrates first Terahertz enhanced electron diffractometer

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Nanoantennas pave the way to compact petahertz oscilloscopes

15 April 2021

Electric fields can be sampled with extreme sensitivity and bandwidth

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