Ultrafast Optics and X-Rays Division

Our group develops novel table-top ultrafast light sources extending from the terahertz (THz) through the x-ray wavelength range. We contribute enabling technologies for large-scale x-ray free- electron lasers (XFELs) and we apply those sources in order to study ultrafast dynamical processes in matter. Principal areas of research include femtosecond- to attosecond-precision timing distribution systems, and high-energy (joule) pulsed and high-average-power (kW) diffraction-limited laser amplifiers based on cryogenic composite thin-disk lasers. These technologies are combined to produce multi-octave-wide high-energy lightwave synthesizers used in high-order harmonic generation, attosecond pulse generation, and coherent free-electron sources. In turn, these sources are applied to the study of field emission from nanophotonic and nanoplasmonic field-emitter arrays and to research in attosecond science.

The group’s research facilities are at CFEL, DESY, Hamburg.

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