Horn, Katinka

In 2018, Katinka Horn received her Bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Hamburg (UHH) in the Quantum Gases group of Prof. Sengstock. After completion, she enrolled in the graduate studies of Physics at the UHH. In 2019, she received her Bachelor degree in Mathematics at the UHH in the group of Prof. Behrens in an industry cooperation with the company Coherent, simulating mode-locked solid-state lasers. In the summer term of 2019 Katinka spent time at the UC Berkeley in the Ultracold Atomic Physics group of Prof. Stamper-Kurn. In July of that year she joined Prof. Kärtner's group for the DESY summer student programme 2019 and rejoined the group in February 2020 where she is working on the simulation of mode-locked fiber lasers for her Master thesis in an industrial cooperation with the company Toptica.

Location: Bldg 99, Level 3, CFEL at DESY, Hamburg