Reuter, Simon

Simon Reuter studied Engineering Physics at University of Applied Science in Lübeck, Germany and received his B.Sc. degree in 2014. For his Bachelor Thesis he worked at Coherent Laser Systems GmbH, Lübeck, where he characterized a quantum-well optically pumped semiconductor laser.

He continued studying Photonics at the University of Applied Science in Münster, Germany, where he received his M.Sc. degree in 2016. During the Master Thesis at the Laboratory of Photonics in Steinfurt, Germany, he developed a wavelength-selective Pr:YLF-laser based on a Michelson-Interferometer.

In 2017 he joined the group of Prof. Franz X. Kärtner as Laser Engineer for High Power Laser.

Location: 25D/011A, at DESY, Hamburg