Compact Ultrafast X-Ray Sources

Advanced X-ray sources, such as synchrotrons and the new km-sized Free-Electron Lasers (FEL) can generate spatially highly coherent X-rays by making use of relativistic electron beams and its radiation when undergoing accelerating motion. In this project, we investigate new approaches towards compact X-ray sources that utilize compact accelerators, such as X-band or THz accelerators, to produce structured relativistic electron beams that may generate coherent X-ray pulses in combination with THz or optical undulators. The goal is to revolutionize compact X-ray sources, which sofar are still based on the hundred years old Röntgen tube, and provide highly brilliant X-rays for a host of applications ranging from medical imaging to attosecond spectroscopy and eventually to create a direct seed for large-scale hard X-ray FELs.