Bachelor, Master and PhD students

Optical Waveform Synthesis
Dispersion compensation with double-chirped mirror pairs

We are looking for Bachelor, Master and PhD students in the general areas of

- Generation of high-energy visible and infrared sub-cycle pulses through optical parametric amplification and pulse synthesis
- High-energy and high-power lasers
- High harmonic generation and attosecond science
- Ultrafast processes and spectroscopy
- THz generation and THz based accelerators and diagnostics
- Attosecond photonics with ultralow jitter femtosecond lasers

Experimental and theoretical topics are possible.

Please contact:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz X. Kärtner,
Dr. Giovanni Cirmi,

Lasers and broadband pulse characterization
Simulation of nonlinear femtosecond pulse propagation in hollow core fibres